Managing Addresses
The Address Book is a handy place to store e-mail addresses of people you regularly contact. To access the address book, click on the Address icon on the top tool bar.
Address book
Clicking on the 'Address' button will cause the following screen to be displayed.
Address Book - This is where you save email addresses and other attributes of people that you regularly correspond with.
There are two ways to add addresses to your address book. One is to manually type in all the attributes that you want to add, and then click "Add Address". Or you can click on the ADDRESS BOOK icon () of the message you are reading, then click on 'Add Address' when the Address Book appears with the email address of the sender.
To change an existing address in the Address Book, just click on the Nickname of the address that you would like to change. Once you have clicked on the Nickname, the Address Book fields will show the current information for that address. Change the details that you wish to, and then click on the 'Update Address' button to save your changes. If you have made changes to the Nickname a message will appear asking you if you would like to replace the existing address entry. Click on the OK button to update the address. Please note that if you click on the Cancel button, a new address will be created.
Recent addresses
Recent Addresses - This is a list of 30 most recently used email addresses. When the check box 'Add addresses automatically' is checked, then for any message that is viewed, the From, CC, and BCC fields of the message will be automatically added to the recent address list. When the "Add addresses you email" check box is checked, any email address that you send messages to, will be automatically be added to this list if it does not exist already. Also when you view any message, there is also the RECENT icon (). When you click on this icon the "From" address of the message is added to the recent address list.
To delete any address in your Address Book or Recent Addresses, just select and click "Delete" in the "Edit Address Book Entry" window.
Distribution lists
The Group List lets you save time in retyping multiple E-Mail address. If you have a group of people that you are continually sending E-Mail to, you can setup a label (e.g. 'work'), where you just have to type this in instead of everyones E-Mail address every single time. You can also have associated address book names in distribution lists.