Advanced Options
Advanced Options are less commonly used settings for WebMail
Settings for New Messages
Click on 'Settings for New Messages' to change the options when creating a new EMail messages
  • Keep Copies - You can default to On, (copy of message will be put in Sent Items mailbox), Off, (no copy kept anywhere) or sticky. Sticky means whatever settings you last used will be the default next time.
  • Delete Draft - You can default to On, (delete draft), Off, (don't delete draft) or sticky. Sticky means whatever settings you last used will be the default next time.
  • Move Original Message To - Select folder you wish original message to be stored.
Message Display
Set the Message Display Options by ticking the checkbox corresponding to how you would like to view your Email.
  • Raw - Displays all the raw data of message.
  • Headers - Displays all EMail Headers.
  • Variable width font - Uses the variable width font.
  • Inline Images - If checked, common images are shown directly after written text of message.
Server Spam Settings
This Spam screen shows your spam protection setup.
  • Message - This list shows messages which received sufficient rating to be held. See "Hold".
  • Hold - If a message is rated equal to or above the Hold message level you set, then it will be held (not admitted to your Inbox). Any messages held will be held for two weeks in the "Messages" section before being automatically deleted from the Server.
  • Bounce - If a message is rated equal to or above the Bounce level you have set, then the message will be bounced back to the sender to let them know you haven't received it.
  • Vanish - If a message is rated equal to or above the Vanish message level you set, then the message will be thrown away. Note: You may lose mail if this is set.
  • Additional Features - If a email gets a smitespam rating higher than this setting, the email will have attached to it a 'SmiteSpam:' section at the top of the message so that any mail clients can use this section to filter emails that are likely to be spam. (this is only required if your email client cannot be set to filter using the "X-SpamDetect:" email header).
  • Save - Save when you have finished.
Webmail Spam Settings
This screen allows you to setup the spam filtering that occurs when you press the "Check" button in WebMail.
  • Apply Spam Filter - Check the checkbox, select the level and then "save" to turn this option on. If a message is rated equal to or above this setting then it will be moved into your Spam folder when you check mail.
  • Server Spam settings - another link to the "Friends Settings" (see "Options - Friends").
  • Reject List - When you check mail, if a message is from an email address in your reject list, it will be automatically destroyed, unless you have selected to keep these messages in your Trash folder (using the checkbox).
  • Accept - If you've used the reject list to reject a group of email addresses (e.g., "*"), then you can use the accept list to allow individual email addresses through that would otherwise be rejected, (e.g. "").
  • Save - Save when you have finished.
Check Other EMail Accounts
You can use this section to check other email accounts that you might have. The Email in these accounts will be displayed in your Inbox folder.
  • Host - Enter the address of the POP3 or IMAP mail server for the account here.
  • Username - Enter the username for the account here.
  • Password - Enter the password for the account here.
  • Account Symbol - The selected account symbol will be displayed beside messages that are from this account.
  • Add - Use this once you've filled in all of the fields above, to save the information.
  • Done - Return to the main options page (this will not save any information).
You can use this feature to charge a small fee to anyone sending you an Email. To find out more about Centipaid please visit
Mailbox Settings
This opens the 'Mailbox contents' screen as shown below.
  • Mailbox - You are in the 'Mailbox contents' screen.
  • Archive - Set your daily rules for email messages here.
  • Display - Set the number of emails displayed here.
  • Refresh - Checks for new email messages.
  • Delete - Select messages for deletion then press 'Delete'.
Here you can set up daily rules to apply to your incoming email.
  • Main - Return to 'Mailbox Contents'.
  • Archive - You are in the 'Mailbox options' screen.
  • Action - Set 'move' or 'copy'.
  • From - Copy or Move message from this mailbox.
  • To - Copy or Move message to this mailbox.
  • If - Than - Set the variables for the action chosen; bigger or smaller than in bytes or kilobytes; older or newer than in days or months.
  • Add - Add this setting to your list of rules.
SMS Settings
Have important email sent to your cell phone as a text message.
You can have as many rules as you like. If the Email header (e.g. "From", "Subject", etc) you've selected in any Email you receive matches the "text" for that rule, the Email will be sent to your cell phone as an SMS message (also known as a "Text Message"). Any Email sent to you as an SMS message will still be available in your Inbox.
  • Phone number: - Enter the phone number to send SMS messages to.
  • Read this first - Help with prefixing phone numbers and a list of country code numbers.
  • Select Headers - Select which Emails should be sent to your cell phone as an SMS message. You can just type the header to look for in the text field, or you can use the select list beside it to choose a common header to use.