Accessing WebMail
How can I get my Mail?
Here is the instant three step guide...
1. Start your web browser - e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.
2. Point it at the WebMail page - your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Computer Department will have told you the URL to use, e.g.
3. Depending on how they have setup WebMail you might see a login page; if so enter your username and password, (then click the 'Login' button) - again you will probably have been given a username and password to use.
Bingo - you're at your Mail!
It's that simple but for more details read on...
Logging in
When you run WebMail you will be presented with the login page:

To login you must first supply a valid username and password.
In the User Name field, type your user name (the first part of your email address before
Next type in your password in the Password field.
This username and password should have been supplied to you by your computer service center. The WebMail Administrator will have assigned a Default Mail Server for use with WebMail. So, as a user, as long as you use the correct URL in your web browser then you will automatically login to the correct location.
Cookie Login.
Checking this box will make WebMail store a cookie on your machine so you will be automatically logged in without having to enter a username and password. You should NOT use this feature on public machines.
Then click LOGIN or press Enter.
If you are a first time user of WebMail, you will be presented with the Configuration Options screen as shown below:

You can change your configuration settings as you see necessary. (see "Options" and "Advanced Options"). Not all setups of WebMail will have all the above options, as some are ONLY available with Our Mail Server (SurgeMail).